“It’s hard to move to the other side of the world…”

…that’s the new slogan. The kids are still trying to get over major jetlag but we’ve managed to get them to bed early tonight. Today we went to the China Puppet Theater so the kids could see 喜洋洋和灰太狼 (Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf). The kids loved it, but we thought it was poorly staged.


In an effort to see more of Beijing and better adjust, we’ve decided to stay in Beijing and not travel to Dunhuang or Qingdao. (Though we’ve started two new pages on the sidebar: (1) Places we’ve been, and (2) Things people can send us). Next week, I hope to see the Summer Palace and Behai Park. I also need to show Andrea the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven Park (two places I saw when I was here in May). I’d also like to see the Great Wall at Simatai.

In other news, I’m reading “Thunder of the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia” by Nicolas Kristof and Shirley WuDunn (who also wrote “China Wakes”). The book is about the Asian economic crisis in the 1990s. What is striking to me the similar causes of the Asian crisis and the current U.S. economic meltdown. The next book on my reading list is “Environmental Regulation in China: Institutions, Enforcement, and Compliance” by Xiaoying and Leonard Ortolano.

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