It’s Always Xmas in Beijing!

Beijing is the place for folks who keep Christmas music on their ipods all year long. As I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am not one of those people. I do, however, associate the ubiquitous holiday music with the same wonderful cheesiness that keeps the Carpenters in circulation and prompted the driver on a recent cab-ride to start playing a cd featuring love songs of the 80s once he learned we were from Megwah (the U.S., literally, beautiful country).

At any rate, back to the Christmas music. We just returned from a very comforting meal at a Thai restaurant near the hotel. I chuckled when I noted that “Jingle Bells” was playing. I laughed out loud when I head “Joy to the World” follow it. It wasn’t just one Christmas song, it was an entire album! The state-operated children’s television station runs a short cartoon about H1N1 in which they advise folks to rat out people with the sniffles. The background music is “The First Noel.” We were at the mall a couple of days ago and they were playing Kenny G’s “O, Holy Night.” For Jie-jie’s birthday we took the kids to an amusement park. In the center of the park, a giant Christmas tree was erected.

Back in The States you may hear folks grumbling about “the reason for the season.” From what I can tell, here in China there are no such concerns.

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