It’s the weekend!

The last two days we’ve decided to really focus on the kids since they really need some sort of daily routine. So yesterday morning we went to the Biology Museum on campus (stuffed pandas, elephants, etc.) The kids loved it, but I thought it was fairly creepy. This morning we went to the Guangzhou Ocean Park…Imagine Sea World on the cheap. (And I’m certain I saw no fewer than a dozen endangered species in the aquarium.) We had lunch at a great Malaysian restaurant. Tonight we bought my older daughter a bike.

(An aside: Our internet access is spotty, which, while extremely frustrating, also makes it hard to do research. Thus I still haven’t found the time to (1) look at what state and/or federal statutes ban pull tabs on beverage cans and (2) find which species I saw at the aquarium were threatened/endangered and determine what legal rules impact the harvesting of fish and marine mammals for aquariums. [If any of my enterprising students want to email me the answers to these please do so, since my colleagues would be more than happy to have them spending their time reading my blog and doing research for me rather than studying for their classes.] Also, related to internet troubles, I’ve been getting zero personal emails for the Vermont Law School community, so if I’ve sent you an email (which you may or may not have received), I’m waiting to hear from you (though you may have already sent an email that I have not received).)

We did receive our first letters today; three letters sent from Aug. 29-31 from the Midwest.

I’ve been getting invited to US Consulate events. Last night I was on a Pearl River Boat Cruise with the US Consular General, State Department employees, journalists and academics (including many environmental law professors and U.S. government officials that work on environmental issues) to celebrate 30 years of relations between the US and China. Next Monday, in continued celebration, current and former members of the Washington Wizards (Wes Unseld, Gheorge Muresan, Randy Foye) are coming to GZ for a big party.

Next book on tap: “The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future” by Elizabeth C. Economy (That’s gotta be a pen name, right?)

Dim sum for breakfast tomorrow. Excellent. Can we eat for less than our family record of 20RMB (~$3.50)?…doubtful.

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1 Response to It’s the weekend!

  1. Melissa V says:

    Are you guys going to be able to put up pictures. I hope you are taking a ton.

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