The Great Firewall of China and the Wii

Due to the Great Firewall of China, it’s really impossibly slow to use our proxy server to reach our blog via wordpress. This makes it difficult to approve comments (we’re working on having comments approved automatically), and hard to add to our pages (e.g., water bottles, things we want, etc.). So I’ll now provide some of this info via posts instead, since we can email our posts to the blog.

Additional Books We’ve Read or Are Currently Reading:

“The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future” by Elizabeth C. Economy

“The Chinese” by Jasper Becker

Things you can send us:

Better than Bouillon (Vegetable)

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) or any other fake meat/protein that is transportable

Or for that matter any snack foods that contain lots of protein

Yesterday, I bargained to buy a Wii yesterday, so that we can have Wii Fit and exercise at home. It was a fascinating experience. The women laughed out loud when I pointed to the following phrase written in Chinese in my phrasebook: “That’s too expensive! Can you lower the price?” It was also interesting to discuss electronics in Chinglish, especially when discussing which components and discs were originals versus copies.

In other news, campus is now bustling with activity. The campus restaurants are filled with large groups of students having dinners which include pouring lots of alcoholic beverages, singing, clapping, and eating lots of food. My first class is on Friday…In Introduction to the U.S. Legal System (an undergraduate course), we’ll do introductions, discuss what is law and whether law is important, and I’ll provide an basic introduction to the geography, culture and history of the United States. In U.S. Environmental Law (a graduate course), I plan to discuss the legislative history of environmental law and the relationship between law and science.

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