As soon as I have some semblance of a routine in my life I will begin posting regularly. As it is now, we take each day as it comes. I am hoping to have Jie-Jie in Chinese kindergarten in the next week or two. We will wait and see with Mei-Mei. The two-year-old room is a little too weepy for my tastes (it being the beginning of the school year and two being the age at which children enter the kindergarten). I suspect that things will settle in the two-year-old room before too long.

I was planning to seek language tutoring but I am vacillating now. I just don’t feel like I have that much time and I am not sure how much I will learn if I am not willing to put a great deal of time into it. On top of that, at this point, I don’t really see myself becoming a sinologist so I am not sure what the point of putting a great deal of effort into language acquisition is….

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2 Responses to Normalcy?

  1. Janna Clar says:

    re: your question, if you are not going to become a sinologist, what would be the point of learning more Chinese language? Based on my observations, coupled with my humble opinions (sinologist-biased as they are), people living in China who make the effort to learn more than a few phrases generally have a much better/more enjoyable/less stressful/more insightful experience — whether it’s for two weeks or a year. In your situation, since your daughters will probably be practically fluent in a short time, that might be an extra incentive?

  2. Leila says:

    Sounds a bit overwhelming.. kindy, new country, new language, new, new, new! Get your bearings and we’ll catch up on skype. love!

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