An Exceedingly Productive Day

1. Jie-Jie’s school-mandated health check.
2. Set-up wireless router.
3. Walk to west campus for playground incidentally locating barbershop, used book store (lonely planet guide to HK& Macau, Lonely planet guide to southeast asia, pocket oxford english-chinese dictionary, a couple new picture and chapter English books for the kids, approximately $17), and site of open air weekend market.
4. Yummy lunch at home – black bean & squash stew, avocado, grated cheddar, flour tortillas, scrambled egg.
5. Nap
6. Walk to North Gate, stroll along river promenade to New Pearl River hotel – site of Gymboree. Register Mei-Mei for 2 classes (until she is ready for Chinese school). Walk along east wall of campus – a really nice and vibrant commercial strip to west gate. On the way we finally find a pet store and buy some food for the goldfish in our courtyard. 7. Stop at the hotel restaurant on the way home (noodles, broccoli, egg tarts)
8. Kids to bed.
9 Next: 1 hour of Wii fit and then setting up the new printer.

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