Dong Shan Hu Park

Yesterday was a busy day…we took our older daughter for her health check so she can go to the kindergarten on campus, we took the kids to the park on campus, we found used bookstore on campus (very cheap and they had lots of English titles), made a Mexican lunch at home, went to Gymboree (yep…just like in the states), walked around the campus outer wall to see the shops (the girls bought fish food) and had dinner out for Chinese food.

The day before, we had BIG spending day at Metro (all-in-one printer, ink cartridges, wireless router, TONS of groceries)…I must say that it’s been quite expensive to get settled in China.

Today I took the girls to Dong Shan Hu Park (while Andrea met new friends on Shamian Island to go to the Pearl Market). The Park was wonderful, certainly the best park for kids that I’ve been to in China. It was only 10 minute taxi ride from campus, the kids fed giant goldfish, and the park had a music concert, dancing, bubbles, boat rides, a fountain for the kids to play in and a bounce house.

Meanwhile, we’re planning what to do for the National Day / Moon Festival Break. It looks like we’ll celebrate National Day and Moon Festival in GZ before heading off for a vacation in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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