Why cell phones are better in China..

Today’s random thoughts:

1. Why Cell Phones are Better in China (and Asia)….There are no contracts. First you pick your favorite phone. I bought the $30 cheap one but you can get the fancy Treo or Blackberry if you want. Then you buy a SIM card which you insert in the phone and it provides your phone number and some minutes. Out of minutes?…buy a card from a vending machine, call the number from your cell, enter the pin and you have more minutes. And your phone has text messaging and will call anywhere in the world.

2. Cash society. China truly is a cash society. People carry around thousands of dollars to deposit at ATM, and you have to pay cash for everything, even if you’re spending thousands of dollars.

3. We realized today that we’re adjusting remarkably well, though we already have started our ‘Things we want to do when we return to Vermont’ list.

4. The kitchen is simply too small and the counter too low for me to cook anything.

5. They changed my class times again. Imagine that!?!?

6. OK….it’s REALLY HOT in GZ. Three days in a row of 100 dregree heat.

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