Seeing is Believing

For all you skeptics out there, here is a photo of the items we purchased on a recent trip to the import grocery store, the Corner Deli. This store is now my preferred destination for Western products since they have my favorite non-Vermont everyday wine (Bigi Orvietto Classico, in VT its Shelburne Vineyard Lakefront White). Sure, there are a few things we haven’t come across yet. We do miss Vermont maple syrup, acidophilus bifidus, and Boca or Tofurkey Italian sausages, but other than that the biggest constraint on our traditional cooking style is the lack of an oven!

Just for your information, we don’t really cook Chinese food at home. They do it better and more cheaply in the restaurant. Besides, I only have one wok so I would have to cook one dish at a time and not be able to eat with everyone while the food is still hot (this, by the way, is the typical situation for the hostess here – probably part of the reason why most people chose to eat out when they get together). We cook a lot of pasta with greens and beans, burrittos and wraps (once again with beans), and stews with a carbohydrate like couscous or rice. We avoid raw, unpeeled vegetables as well as unpeeled fruit. Lots of steamed broccoli and pumpkin, stir-fried carrots, and sauteed peppers and tomatoes.


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