Comparative Multiculturalism

One of my academic interests in coming to China lies in laying the groundwork for some comparative research on multiculturalism and immigrant incorporation.

This week I just finished 2 books that I hoped would help me get started in my thinking about this research. The books, “Portraits of “Primitives” by Susan D. Blum, and Dru C. Gladney’s “Ethnic Identity in China,” were only OK. They both seem to be a sino-sized version of whiteness studies, that is, they examine the construction and meaning of ethnic minority categories with an eye to what the process of construction and content of categories tells you about the Han minority here in China. Meh.

What I really need is a book that lays out the specifics of the ethnic minority system here – the application and assessment process for minority groups and individuals, the rights and obligations of minority/majority group members, etc. I would also like to know what China’s immigration/naturalization policies are. Let me know if you have any reading recommendations!

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  1. Carl Yirka says:

    Hi Andrea:

    Perhaps you might try the Library of Congress subject headings in for other titles dealing with the same topic.

    Muslims — China.
    Ethnology — China.
    China — Ethnic relations.

    There is also a list called ‘OKChina_Ethnic relations_05’ on worldcat that might be of interest as well.

    I’m enjoying your blog.


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