We’re in Singapore…

…and have one more day here until we fly to Hong Kong. I really like Singapore. Sentosa Isalnd is nice for the beaches, swimming, and general family fun (especially for the kids), but the country is clean, green, and wonderfully ethnically diverse which means lots if good food (Chinese, Malaysian, Indian). Tonight we had a wonderful meal at Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India where, yes, we ate rice and curry off banana leafs.

I’m looking forward to returning to teaching next week. My Intro. Am. Legal System students were given the assignment to read the US Constitution over the holiday break. We’ll spend two weeks discussing Constitutional structure and law. My Environmental Law class will focus on the common law origins of environmental law. That said, some of the most basic concerns about environmental law in China are not really environmental legal issues, but instead rule of law issues such as enforcement, avoidance of arbitrary decision-making, and an independent judiciary. Thus, I already think about half, if not all, of my environmental law graduate students in China would benefit from taking my undergraduate Introduction to the American Legal System course.

I also just received my first set of comments from my editor about my forthcoming book entitled, “Everyday Environmentalism: Law, Nature, and Individual Behavior.” Needless to say, I’ll be quite busy for the next few months. I also working at potentially setting up environment law conference at SYSU in GZ, as well as an environmental law works in progress colloquium at Vermont Law School in September 2010.

Last night, I revised my book manuscript on my computer while sitting on an open air deck, overlooking palms trees and the waters of the Singapore Strait, drinking a cold Tiger Beer, and it’s 85 degrees and breezy, and I listening to a cover band playing outside. I could be a very productive scholar and writer in this environment. J Ideas for future sabbaticals dance in my head.

aside: the music in Singapore from the cover bands to the radio to the elevator
music is just a weird flashback of old hits: Beatles hits, ‘Killing me
softly,’ ‘Wonderful tonight’ by Clapton, Phil Collins….]

Finally, I’m enjoying experiences this new Hemisphere since its literally opening my eyes to a whole new part of the world, and ridding much of my ignorance about Asia and the Pacific.

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