Looking Up

I spent the last few days devouring what English-language books I could easily procure (A Wrinkle in Time, Paper Families, The Silver Castle), visiting the campus parks with Mei Mei to hang out with all the grandparents who tend the children during the day, making a couple of successful forays to the marketplace just off campus and the giant toy and craft wholesale strip a few metro stops away (e.g. pair of new sneakers for Jie-Jie $3.47, Harry Potter and the HBP DVD $.50, Wii games $1/each), and indulging in my favorite lunchtime MSG fix (Bia Jia spicy sweet potato instant noodle, $.40). I am feeling much better.

On top of that, we’ve had great weather the last several days. The temperature is still in the mid and upper 80s but the humidity has dropped to about 30%. We had substantial rain a few days back which does wonders to the air quality. In other words we’ve had blue sky, dry days, and a nice breeze. Perfect summer weather. Jie Jie’s teacher suggested to me that, what with these cool autumn days, Jie Jie might need to wear warmer clothes to school. I didn’t explain that we are still experiencing weather that would be considered hot by the standards we are used to. Instead I dutifully encourage Jie Jie to wear short-sleeved dresses with leggings instead of her preferred sleeveless summer dresses. I really hope they don’t expect me to pull out the cool weather clothes anytime soon.

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