The Environment in Everday Life – China Edition

In terms of research here in China, I’ve been focusing on environmental issues in everyday life. I’ve begun a campaign to take a photo whenever I see a public health or environmental quality issue. Two photos I wish I had (but didn’t have my camera with me or out in time) were restaurant workers cleaning and peeling vegetables on a dirty concrete floor, and a bicycle courier hauling four rusted tanks of propane. I did get photos (forthcoming) of the bicycle water carriers that carry 10 jugs at a time, and some huge piles of trash in the streets.

Recycling is a big deal here, since much we throw away can actually be reused. Our trash is sifted through daily. To get a sense of how serious recycling is, see the photo below. Around campus, hauling huge stacks of cardboard is the most common recycling sight.


(This is a Reuters photo. I did not take this one.)

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1 Response to The Environment in Everday Life – China Edition

  1. Grandma Shirl says:

    Hi Jason and Andrea and girls I sure have enjoyed all the blogging. I look for it each day to see if there is anything new. I do hope you are enjoying all your travels. I know I enjoy reading about it and looking up on the map where you have been and where you are going. All our love and keep my brain learning by your travels. Peace Grandma Shirl

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