A cold snap

We are in a cold snap here in Guangzhou – breezy and temperature in the mid-70s (high 50 at night). Its supposed to last through tomorrow night and then back to the high 80s and 60s at night. I wore long pants with relish today and plan to go out later this evening just so I can wear long sleeves (or even that fleece hanging idly in the closet).

We’ve all been ill over the best few days – a stomach virus and the additional difficulty of viral pneumonia in our youngest. As such, we are not spending the week touring Wuhan as planned. As we are all on the upswing, it would be great if we managed to feel well enough to spend a night or 2 in Hong Kong by the end of the week. We’ll have to see.

I am sure that I have much to say about the experience of being ill and having a very ill child while on this adventure. In addition, our sickness arrived in the latter half of a very good couple of weeks here – with Jie Jie coming into her own at school and even venturing to speak a little Chinese at school, Mei Mei wearing “big girl underwear” and planning to start school in mid-November, etc, etc. Once I am caught up on sleep I will say all those things…

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