Weather, Packaging, and Che

1-The weather has turned absolutely wonderful. 70s, sunny and breezy, late summer / early fall day in Vermont. The Guangzhou Ren think it’s freezing (heavy coats are everywhere and long johns are on display at the store), but we love it. Unfortunately the mid- to high-80s return tomorrow. (“Ren” means “people” in Mandarin. We’re Mei Guo Ren. “Mei Guo” is what the United States is called and means “Beautiful Country.”)

2-The Chinese take packaging very seriously. There are so many people here pushing you, so many bumpy cab rides, etc. that when you buy something or take home carryout food, the business and employees take exceptional care in packaging your goods. I always have two thoughts when this occurs. First, this is not at all environmentally friendly to use so much tape/string/cardboard/plastic, but at least most packaging materials are reused. Second, no one takes this much care in prepping my goods for departure in the U.S. My food would be in much better condition when I arrived home if they did. In China, the China Post packs all the boxes, your luggage is wrapped at the airport, etc.

3-Che Guervara is a minor cult hero in China. There’s even a store called called “Che.” This have this amzaing shirt that says “Wizard of Che” where his animated head appears on all the characters of the Wizard of Oz. They don’t have it in my size.

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