30th Anniversary Ceremony of the Sun Yat-sen University School of Law

Today I was an honored guest at the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of the Sun Yat-sen University School of Law. It was a well-attended and fancy event with flowers, red and gold banners, dragon statues, and distinguished guests. (A large flower was pinned on my suit jacket, and I received a lovely tea mug with the university seal.) Following the cermony, I had lunch with many law school and university professors in a banquet setting. This means that there was more food than any group could possibly eat, lots of toasting, and even more refilling of others’ glasses. I was even asked to join in the official faculty photo commemorating the event. (I hope I get a copy.) It was very nice to feel part of the faculty.

What interesting is that the law school was founded in 1905, and the school actually celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2005. Sun Yat-sen University, after combining with other universities and schools, was officially founded in 1924. So where does the 30th Anniversary come from?

Law schools in China were shut down during the Cultural Revolution, a trying time for scholars and academic institutions. However, in 1979 many law schools like Sun Yat-sen and Wuhan University School of Law reopened. So today we celebrated the 30th Anniversar of that re-birth.

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