Old Man Winter

We are having a real cold snap. The current temperature (at 9 pm) is 45 and windy. Today we only got up to the mid 50s. The sun was out today which is an improvement over yesterday -a slightly warmer but much more damp, gray day.

Fortunately, I did bring a couple of cold weather outfits for the kids and I picked up some additional children’s cool weather clothing when we were in Macau. Unfortunately, however, I did not pack enough long sleeved shirts, vests, fleeces/sweatshirts for myself. I am much harder to shop for here… and I do despise shopping.

Everyone is going on about how cold it is, and the thing is, it really does feel cool. I suspect this is due in large part to the fact that the windows are drafty, hallways are open air, and most people do not have any heat in their apartments. Our air conditioners do heat as well but we turned them only long enough to smell at the dust burning off the heating element. Then we decided it would be better to have the kids sleeping in hats and under extra blankets. We also did a fair amount of cooking to generate some heat.

The kindergarten classrooms don’t have heat either. The teachers are continuously encouraging the children to drink warm water and all the children wear their coats and scarves in the classroom (not many hats which is usually our first line of defense). Forever behind the 8-ball, today I learned that most of the other children wear fingerless gloves in the classroom as well. I’ll be picking up some of those tomorrow.

The temperature is supposed to improve gradually over the next few days and be back into the 70s by next week. Thank goodness!

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