Macau & Basketball

Much has occurred since I last posted. The kids’ health is much improved, so last weekend we went to Macau, one of China’s Special Administrative Regions under the “one country, two systems policy.” (The other is Hong Kong.) Macau, former Portuguese colony, is a cross between the walkable streets of Europe, the vibrancy of China, the geography of Hong Kong and the casinos of Las Vegas. We stayed at a wonderful Portuguese Inn run and spent most of our time getting lost in the old Portuguese streets.

I’m also making many new friends on campus. My graduate students are increasingly helpful with showing us stores and recommending restaurants. And yesterday I played basketball with graduate students and the law faculty, and they took me to dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant that I will have difficulty finding again. I also learned that the law school faculty has a basketball game scheduled against the faculty of a rival law school. I have been asked to play…I fear that they think my American skills will be the key to our victory. Wo xi huan lanqiu wo de hen hao…I hope.

Also, earlier this week was coldest day in Guangdong Province in 10 years…we’ve actually been quite cold sometimes, not because the temperature is too cold (50s), but because nothing, including my classroom, is heated. Being outside all day or in drafty buildings can be a bit chilly.

Off to an ex-pat Turkey Day party tomorrow before our trip to Guilin.

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