Jason and I watched the movie 2012 the other night. I feel the inclination to gripe a bit.

1. All living things on the planet are at risk of extinction due to a sudden sifting of the earth’s surface. You’ve got the wherewithall to build several arks holding 100,000 (I believe) people each and you also think to include great works of art and other cultural relics, some giraffes, elephants, etc. Great, but what about seeds, worms, bumblebees, and other important small and micro organisms?

2. Are light-skinned folks from the Northern hemisphere the only people worth saving (with the exception of those rich Saudis that drew a hostile reaction from one of the heroes and led him to conclude that places on the ark had been sold to the highest bidder)? No dark-skinned people who weren’t hand-picked by the film’s African American president played prominently. Even the presumably “swarthy” Italian prime minister didn’t make it out of Italy and another hero of the story, from India, was mistakenly left to die. The entire continent of Africa seemed to be conspicuously absent until the very end in which the Cape of Good Hope lives up to its name (I expect in the spin off TV series those 2013 pilgrims will be fighting off the African “savages.”) I found the whole thing a bit disturbing and wonder what the thinking back in the studio was. Yes, we see that winning the favor of the Chinese (a big box office draw, no doubt) was taken into account, but what about everyone else? Here’s hoping that, if folks really had the to start over, they wouldn’t inscribe the prejudice of the past on the shape of the future.

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