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Belonging, Citizenship, and Racial Profiling

Mei-mei and I were stopped by the police yesterday morning as we were coming out of Gymboree. We were both wearing our bike helmets, and I was unlocking the bicycle when two police officers walked up and asked to see … Continue reading

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Explaining China

I’ve determined that it’s very hard to explain to family and friends in the U.S. what it is like to live in China. We’ve actually found it difficult to explain what it’s like to live in Vermont, but eventually people … Continue reading

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Sweets and Sweet

When we have met Chinese folks who have been to the United States, discussion invariably hits upon the topic of the food. A typical assessment of American food is that things are too sweet. In many ways, this is true. … Continue reading

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Noodles vs. rice

When we first arrived in Beijing last summer I was a little surprised at the extent to which we were finding ourselves eating a lot of noodles and not so much rice. Various people, Chinese and not, told me that … Continue reading

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Mining “Rare Earths” in China

An Interesting Article: “Earth-Friendly Elements, Mined Destructively” about mining in China for elements used in green technology. See

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wo de shengri

I have been enjoying my birthday. Technically, my birthday is the 26th, but since we spent the entire morning of the 26th on skype with family in the U.S. for whom it was still the 25th, we decided to postpone … Continue reading

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A Sad Tale

December 25 or not, today was a typical day in China. Jie-jie went to school and Mei-mei and I decided to go to the toy market to pick up some gifts for the kids we had dinner with tonight. At … Continue reading

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