December 1!

We’ve just put the kids to bed after a celebratory dinner. December 1 and still in China! There have been many times in the past several weeks when I thought that we would not make it this far. While in the early days our discomfort stemmed from adjusting to life in this place, the end of October and the first half of November were devoted almost exclusively to nursing sick children back to health in a setting less than ideal in such circumstances. Once that task was successfully completed we moved on to additional medical concerns surfacing when our youngest failed the required school health examination. In the past week further medical tests have confirmed that she is fine – just that her body (namely, her liver) is still recovering from her illness. All the same, at present, we are without the necessary stamp for school admission. In light of what we’ve been through, that’s not such a big deal. Seven visits to the doctor in 5 weeks!

In other news, we spent last weekend visiting the Guilin and Yangshuo areas of China – in Guangxi province on the picturesque Li River. We flew there and took the overnight train home. The trip was a great success and made us more enthusiastic about exploring the Chinese mainland whereas before we had our doubts about how enjoyable such adventures might be. The trip was put together by a tour company but offered through the consulate with only 4 people in addition to us in attendance – the perfect number. I am going to try to get the consulate to put together some more trips to my preferred but less accessible destinations in the PRC.

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  1. Janna Clar says:

    I recommend the scenic areas of Sichuan province, and the train ride there from GZ is quite something — you pass through dozens of mountain tunnels between Yunnan and Sichuan.

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