Very Busy in GZ….

We’ve been immensely busy of late, so here’s a quick update.

We toured the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees in GZ—a must see along with then Chen Clan Academy.

I’ve developed a great appreciation of finding the right book when taking/teaching a class. For my environmental law class, I should have supplemented readings with chapters from the easy to understand Salzman and Thompson “Environmental Law and Policy” in Foundation Press’ Concepts and Insights Series or Jon Nash’s “Environmental Law and Policy: The Essentials” (due out soon). But I did switch texts with my Chinese language instructor. We’re now using a text designed specifically for English speakers, and the learning process is much improved.

This week a number of my Vermont Law School colleagues are in town. I attended the signing of the renewed Memorandum of Understanding for the relationship between Vermont Law School and Sun Yat-sen University, had lunch with my colleagues and the US Consular General, attended an nice celebratory dinner where I had my favorite Chinese dessert (nai huang bao zi), hosted dinner on campus, and went to Yuexiu Park. And tonight we had a lively farewell dinner.

In addition, on Monday and Tuesday I lectured at Jinan University, South China University of Technology and at the Public Affairs Office of the US Consulate as part of the “Joint Guangdong-Hong Kong/Macau Fulbright Outreach Program.” I lectured on the environmental impacts of individual behavior, and much discussion centered on globalization, consumption, and consumerism.

Today, my Vermont colleague David Mears (Director of the Vermont Law School Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic) did an excellent job guest lecturing in my course, discussing environmental enforcement, rule of law, and past cases in the clinic.

Tomorrow we travel to Hong Kong so I can participate in the “Hong Kong Copenhagen Climate Change Webinar” hosted by Hong Kong Baptist University, Copenhagen Business School and the Hong Kong-American Center.

At the end of the month, Vermont Law School students descend upon China, including my advisee who is writing a paper about garbage production and disposal in China.

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