We took the train down to Hong Kong this morning for our annual Solstice Trip. We typically make a visit to a desirable destination within a few hours of our home so Hong Kong fit the bill. I have no impressions of the city to share as of yet – except that the mountains are beautiful and the place seems clean. We are well ensconced at the Shangri-La (you can give me grief about the number of stars characterizing my hotel choices once you’ve spent 3+ months cooking on a coleman stove and washing dishes in a sink that is knee-high) and the room is as large as our entire GZ apartment. We started the stay with room service. Room service and coke zero are 2 aspects of Western life that I have developed an appreciation for while living here on the other side of the planet. This evening we are going to kick around Kowloon.

I enjoyed the 2-hour train ride from Guangzhou. The kids sat together playing, so I was able to look out the window, humming a little tune, and getting some down time after a hectic, if pleasant, week. Right now I am feeling a bit homesick at the same time that I am already beginning to grow melancholy with the realization that it will not be too long before the sounds, sights, and smells of this place are only a memory and I am back in the States – a world that often feels fundamentally different and, at other times, indistinguishable from this one. I know we are here more than 6 months more but I think sending our guests back to Vermont got me thinking of my own leave-taking.

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1 Response to Shangri-La

  1. Mike Donofrio says:

    Don’t apologize for those hotel stars–celebrate them and live it up.

    You guys are excellent bloggers. I appreciate the effort to give us a sense of your experiences over there.

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