Dissolving Dress

We returned from Xiang Gang (Hong Kong) earlier this afternoon. As is always the case upon our return to GZ, I find myself scurrying to get laundry done. Without a dryer you need to allow a 24-hour minimum air-dry time. Given the kid’s limited clothing and the tendency for at least Mei-mei to require at least one change of clothes daily, it is imperative that I get the washing moving along when we have been out of town.

So, anyway, I had just started hanging the first clean load of laundry when I noticed dark discoloration on several shirts that I threw in with the dark load. Upon closer inspection I found that pretty much everything had black dust on it. Where had it come from? The dissolving dress, of course.

You see, the kids and I had an afternoon and evening on our own in Hong Kong as Jason was at a conference/seminar on Saturday. On our first evening in town, we were walking along the Kowloon-side of Victoria Harbor and we passed by the Cultural Center. We noted that the Hong Kong Ballet performed there (the kids loved the ballerina banners) and that it was the opening weekend of “The Nutcracker.” I later visited the box office and was able to secure tickets for the matinee on Saturday (our day without Jason). In addition, I ran to a nearby department store and purchased 2 little black, exceedingly inexpensive,
polyester-that-tries-to-be-velvet dresses and white tights. The kids are so into dress-up that I thought they would find it special to get dressed for the ballet. Mei-mei loved her dress, put it on immediately, and walked around feeling beautiful. Jie-jie (always reluctant to adopt new clothes) was unwilling to put hers on. I wasn’t surprised and didn’t sweat it as the dress was very inexpensive and would likely get use at minimum as dress-up attire later.

So, anyway, I washed both dresses this afternoon and it was Jie-Jie’s unworn dress that caused all the trouble. Despite the fact that the tag said it could be washed in the machine, the dress simply shed all of it’s velvet-like fuzz as if it were attached with some water soluble adhesive. The dress is completely destroyed and all the rest of the laundry needs to be washed again. Mei-mei’s dress was unscathed by its run-in with the machine.

On the up side, the kids loved the ballet and I enjoyed bringing them. We wandered along avenue of the stars on the way home and the kids were having so much fun practicing the new ballet steps they had observed that they didn’t even notice all the people taking their picture.

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