Most Important Part of the Day

We bring Jie-jie home from school for a second lunch (she usually fills up on rice or congee at school and declines) and nap. They nap at school but I was skeptical that she would sleep well in a room with 30 other kids, plus bringing her home for a couple of hours gives us a chance to check in. Lately she has been trying to take longer naps and asking to remain at home when she wakes up. Some days, especially those when Jason is not around and it is a bit more work to get her back to school (need to wait for Mei-mei to wake, etc) I indulge her. Most of the time, however, I bring her back for the last 1.5 hours (2.5 if they are having their supplementary logic curriculum).

I bring her back because she loves it and has a great time running around with her friends at the end of the school day (and Mei-mei does, too), but also because the 45 minutes between when I pick her up in her classroom and when we arrive back at our apartment is the time of day when I get to try my Chinese out on the other parents, learn how to eat local fruits, receive offers of cooking lessons, etc. etc. I value that time a great deal. One of Jie-jie’s classmates and her mother, Huang Xiu Li usually walk most of the way home with us. I like Huang Xiu Li a great deal. In addition to the invitation to make Red Bean Cake, we are possibly attending a puppet show together soon. Today she asked if we would be here for Chinese New Year/Spring Festival. I am hoping that an invitation will be forthcoming!

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