Sunny Sanya

We are enjoying our stay in Sanya. The resort is pretty quiet save ourselves, a handful of Russian and Chinese tourists, and a large Honda junket. We enjoy being the only phenotypical Westerners with a little Chinese language ability. The staff are both surprised and grateful when we relieve them of the necessity of speaking English since many do not speak it well.

Sanya is quite beautiful – much nicer scenery than Sentosa Island in Singapore, and much cleaner water, too, on account of the fact that there are not oil tankers and large container ships coming in and out. The weather is has been sunny and breezy with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. It is a bit cooler today – the first day we have not managed to make it into the pool or the South China Sea because the sun never broke through. It is supposed to improve tomorrow.

At first we were thinking that it was going to be a fairly sterile resort visit because the area where we are staying, Yalong Bay, is pretty far from residential neighborhoods. However, things have been shaping up. Yesterday morning we discovered a grocery store and local Chinese seafood restaurant, virtually in the parking lot of the hotel. We ate there for dinner yesterday and lunch today – the prices are about 1/3 those of the hotel (and much better food) but still twice as much as we pay for a typical meal at home in Guangzhou. On our way out of the restaurant last night, we learned that they also have a bar with private KTV (karaoke) rooms for rent. We asked to check it out and ended up booking a room for tomorrow evening. I can’t wait! We are just going to go over there after dinner and sing karaoke – letting the kids join in until they are tired enough to fall asleep on the sofas.

This evening our friends, Erik & Kat are going to take all four kids so Jason and I can have the evening to ourselves. Bliss!

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