Practical Advice

So, if you were in Hong Kong with 10 other people (that’s right, our friends from  Milwaukee have arrived making us a group of 6 adults and 5 children 5 and under) and you realized that taking the train back to Guangzhou with that many people was pretty expensive and a bit of a logistical nightmare (3 cabs to train station, customs, train with unpredictable quality, cleanliness, and seat assignments, schlepping from the train to the subway, getting metro cards for everyone, schlepping from the metro station home), what would you do? Well, first you might think it was a good idea to call local bus and car services to see if you could hire a service to take you across the border and to make the 2 hour drive. After a few phone calls you learn that it is less expensive to hire a 45 seat coach bus than 2 mini-vans. You have a pleasant conversation with the bus company and explain that you will call them back shortly – once you confirm with your friends that they are willing to spend a little extra on transport home. Everyone agrees but when you call the bus company they tell you that they have decided there are no buses available for you to rent after all.  So what do you do? Well, you call Guangzhou, of course. While the Hong Kong folks may not think much of helping an American get back to the PRC, you can find some folks in GZ who are quite happy to come and get you – and for quite a bit less cash.

I’ll let you know about the condition of the bus once we’ve arrived home safetly!

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1 Response to Practical Advice

  1. Janna Clar says:

    I’ll be curious to hear if it was a “sleeper bus” (with bunkbeds)? Rode a chartered one of those from Guilin to Guangzhou once — quite a trip.

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