Shuo Putonghua (or Hanyu)

Sometimes I wonder what impact this year in China will have on each of us. Although I know it will all unfold in the years ahead, I do often wonder what to do about the children’s Chinese language ability. How fluent will they be upon our return? Will we and how will we maintain the language? I don’t really see myself being too keen on driving to Burlington for Chinese School every Saturday. I have played with the idea of seeking out a native speaker, a UVM student perhaps, who could babysit the kids weekly. I would love to have an au pair from China but our house is too small. It all seems so impractical…

However, this New York Times
( article about the rise in Chinese instruction in schools gives me a bit of hope. Perhaps we can bring Chinese language teachers to Montpelier’s Union Elementary. Anyone with me? Want to give the principal a call?

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1 Response to Shuo Putonghua (or Hanyu)

  1. Janna Clar says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of pushing for this in our local school system, too. Have also looked into what it would take to get licensure myself. Given the (financial) burden of one school system adding on a whole new program/position, I’ve wondered if, in the early years of a Central Vermont public school Chinese program, perhaps 2-3 schools could share a Chinese teacher. Of course, Montpelier’s school system might end up getting consolidated with another before long, too (have you heard much local news lately?).

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