What a last three weeks!…

…and what next four weeks awaits!

We’ve had visitors for the last three weeks; hence our lack of blogging. While the weather in Guangzhou was relatively poor, our visitors experienced lots of Guangdong food (the dim sum buns, seafood, pan-fried rice noodles, and cheap beer were the most popular), bargain shopping (for kids’ clothes, jade, and gortex jackets) , and the GZ tourist spots (markets, temples, ancestral hall, Pearl River). Other highlights included the wonderful weather in Sanya on Hainan and two successful trips to Hong Kong. (Dear Friends and Family: If you want to visit, March, April, and May will be your last chance!)

We’re actually in Hong Kong now, relaxing with the kids, exploring Kowloon Park, and eating Indian food.

The next four weeks will also be an adventure. Nine exciting days in Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand! Then Chinese Spring Festival (aka Chinese New Year) in GZ where we’ve been invited to friends’ homes and the famous flower market. Then a 10-day tour of Fujian Province…visiting friends for three days in a VERY small town that I can find on no map (we’re flying into Shantou on the Guangdong/Fujian border and then it’s a 1-hour drive) and then a week in Xiamen for sightseeing and the Spring Fulbright Conference. (Help!!!: What do we bring to our friends house when they’ve arranged a car and driver for us, and are feeding and housing us for three days?)

Since I just finished grading my exams, I’m now working on two projects: (1) Finishing the absolute final draft of my book, “Everday Environmentalism: Law, Nature and Individual Behavior,” which is due to the Environmental Law institute Press soon; and (2) beginning to write an article about envrionmental and carbon labeling for food tentatively titled, “The Future of Food Eco-Labeling: The Swedish Experiment & The Vermont Idea.” The working draft of the article will hopefully be presented at the First Annual Fall Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship hosted by Vermont Law School.

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