Last night

We are off to Phuket in the morning, but have really loved Bangkok and will be sad to leave. I think the timing is about right for this trip, however, on account of the fact that we are hitting our limit on sight-seeing within our immediate neighborhood and have situated ourselves in a part of the city that does not make it that easy to get out and about in other areas. I am confident that I will be back to explore more – perhaps even extending our lay-over on the way back to the PRC.  Next time we will probably stay in a different area to get a new view of the place.

Today we did a little more temple-gazing and a bit of shopping. I purchased 2 really nice Thai puppets, one for us and the other for the Children’s library at Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier. The girls saw some particularly glittery and “princessy” flip-flops on day one and we did spend a bit of time trying to find them again today, but to no avail. I suspect we will find such things in Phuket, although I am not keen on paying resort prices.

This afternoon/evening we walked through the flower market (amazing) to Little India to eat dinner at what is supposedly the oldest Indian restaurant in all of Thailand. Jie-jie asked for it, particularly because she wanted a mango lassi. It was called Royal India and I can’t say that I liked it despite the recommendations of The Lonely Planet Thailand, our hotel, TripAdvisor, and the numerous travel columns framed and hung on the wall of the place. Te food was middling and the place was pretty unclean – and my standards are really not that high. Let’s just say that I will be surprised if we all make it through the night without some digestive problems – and that is saying something since we have really only had one bout of true digestive trouble in the whole of our time here in Asia.

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