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Apparently, our trip spanned the seasons. When we left Guangzhou, it was cool and rainy (temperature in the low 50s). There was a bone-chilling dampness. When we arrived in Xiamen last weekend, the weather was clearly on the upswing, with … Continue reading

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Photo from Minority Park outside Guilin

I took this photo on our November trip to Guilin. The trip was an organized tour, which included a stop of the at a Minority Village Park similar to the one discussed in the New York Times article I pointed … Continue reading

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China Daily Headline: ‘No Intention’ of capping emssions

A quote from the China Daily, China’s English language newspaper: “China ‘could not and should not’ set an upper limit in greehouse gas emissions at the current phase, said Su Wei, the chief negotiator of China for climate change talks…”

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Racist Park, Part II

A little something I found in Xiamen: Chinese Minority Cartoon Dolls.

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Moral: Always in China it cannot be done. Always in China it can be done.

发件人: “Andrea Voyer” 收件人: Helpful member of University Staff 发送时间: 星期五, 2010年 2 月 12日 下午 7:04:55 主题: kindergarten Happy New Year! I have good news. I have finally obtained the chop for [Mei-mei] to attend kindergarten. We will not … Continue reading

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What language do we speak?

I have no idea what foreign language we are learning. In South China, Chinese refer to Mandarin as “Potunghua” and Cantonese as “Guandonghua.” In the North, dialects are not really recognized, the word “Potunghua” is not used and many insist … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Xiamen

Xiamen does not feel like mainland China. Since it’s an island and due to heavy outside Western and Japanese contact, this is not so surprising. Xiamen more closely resembles Macau than any other Chinese city, and its citizens and universities … Continue reading

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Finishing up in Xiamen

Today was the last day of Fulbright Spring Orientation. We spent much of the day visiting Xiamen’s Gulangyu Island, a small island covered with private overseas Chinese residences and consulate buildings. It was quite touristy. Jason and I wandered away … Continue reading

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Vermont Yankee

Everyday the Times Argus runs a new story on the furture of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power facility located in Vernon, Vermont, and operated by Entergy. The facility is now quite old as it began operating in 1972, and after … Continue reading

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“Racist Park”

This New York Times article takes a look at Ethnic Theme Parks in China ( ). The parks are growing in number and popularity as more and more Chinese people have the money to travel. The political and social aspects … Continue reading

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