Fool’s Paradise

Only now, with almost 48 Phuket hours under my belt, I am figuring out that there is nothing to do here becuase I am supposed to do nothing. The kids are in heaven. Here is a sample of what looks to be our emerging daily routine:

7 a.m. kids wake up, parents turn on television to buy a little extra sleep.

7:45 everyone is dressed and bags packed. We wander down to breakfast.

8:00-9:00 Dining al fresco, enjoy complimentary, internation 5-star breakfast buffet. Kids prefer cereal, fruit, coffecake, yogurt, pancakes and eggs. Parents enjoy Thai, Indian, and Japanese food from the “Vegetarian Corner.” Halfway throught the meal, the resort’s baby elephants, Lili and Lucky, arrive and stand nearby. Once the kids are done eating, they wander over with a few pieces of fresh fruit to trade for elephant kisses, high 5s, hand/trunkshakes, rides.

9:00 Bid the elephants goodbye and drop the kids off at the kids’ club. Jie-jie is free, Mei-mei requires her own babysitter ($3/hour). The spend the next 2 hours playing with their new friends and doing crafts like making Batik scarves and going on a fieldtrip to the poolside restaurant to make their own lunch pizza. Jason and I go for a swim, take out kayaks, and poke around wishing we were the type to lay on the beach for hours.

12:00 pick up the kids, swim in the pool for 30 minutes.

12:30 Back to the room.

1:00 Mei-mei naps. If Jie-jie is not tired she returns tot he kids club for Thai language lessons. Jason and I take turns staying in the room.

3:00 wake up, snack, back into bathing suits. Walk to beach for swimming in the Adaman sea with the baby elephants. At some point we move back to the pool.

5:45 Go up to room to rinse and change, walk down to the beach and choose a restaurant. Kids play in the sand while their parents watch the sun set over the water and discuss how that sunset was different from those on the previous evenings.

7:30 return to the room. Kids de-sanded and to bed. We take turns going to gym and work on our computers/read/watch television until bedtime.

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1 Response to Fool’s Paradise

  1. Heidi says:

    wish I were there. That schedule is right up my alley. Are the Baby Elephants real?

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