Phang Nga National Marine Park

Yesterday was an amazing day. Following breakfast with two baby elephants, we departed for a pier in the northeast of Phuket Province in Thailand where we were greeted with cold water and Thai breakfast sweets (a sort of egg doughnut). We then took a one hour cruise to Ko Panak and Ko Hong, islands in Phang Nga Bay. The area is noted for its beautiful scenery created by fault movement pushing up limestone blocks through the warm turquoise sea. (Think Yangshou and Guilin, China but far more beautiful or the movie Avatar but the mountains are in the sea instead of the air). The four of us hopped off our boat onto a sea kayak which we used to explore the hidden “hongs,” canals meandering through tropical caves. We checked out the mangrove lagoons, diamond cave, the bat cave, and others. The natural beauty was unparalleled with large mangrove trees, monkeys, eagles, jungle vines, walking fish, bats, limestone formations, and clear water.

We then feasted on Thai food on the boat…fried chicken with sweet Thai chili sauce, rice, curried mixed vegetables, Pad Thai, Bangkok Chicken, sweet and sour fish, and fresh fruit. (An aside: the pineapple here to other worldly with no hard center and wonderful when blended with ice.) We then went to an island beach to swim, before boating home with cold towel, freshly chopped coconuts (for the coconut water and jelly). We arrived at the pier for more cold towels and popsicles. An amazing day.

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