We didn’t really ease back into our GZ life. The weather is quite nice – slightly sunny and warm (the mid to high 70s), so I managed to get 4 loads of laundry hung out and we turned on the A/C for a bit to eliminate the dampness in the apartment. Also, today was the Foreign Affairs Office’s Chinese New Year Party. Imagine our surprise to arrive at at Brazilian buffet and grill called Latin, and complete with dim sum, chinese servers dressed in cowboy hats and bandanas, and a band playing your favorite latin tunes! It was all a bit odd. This evening I uploaded photos and managed to completely destroy the kids music SD card while loading some new tunes. Arghh- that music has been the soundtrack of our homelife! Tomorrow it is banking, groceries, post office, and taking Mei-mei in for her last school medical check. If she doesn’t pass this one we are throwing in the towel. In the afternoon our kindergarten friends are taking us to the flower market. The Spring Festival decorations are great. I particularly enjoy the orange trees everywhere. I will post a photo soon and hope to purchase a little tree of my own tomorrow!

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