It’s the year of the tiger…

1. You don’t realize how infrequently you see 2 parents and their child (yes, one child, it is China after all) until everyone is on holiday and you only see parents and their children. I assume the grandparents that are usually caregivers are at home cooking?
2. There is just a nice, home-y holiday feel to it all -not frantic consumerism, even though people are shopping. More Thanksgiving with just a smidge of gift-giving rolled in.
3. We spent the day with Western friends doing nothing. I made use of their Western kitchen to bake Challah, make a pot of lentils, and try my hand at some vegan brownies. Now we are home, listening to the firecrackers, and thinking that it would have been fun to go back to the flower market to see everything get destroyed at midnight (all the unsold goods). Alas, it is cold (not even 50 degrees!), rainy, and the kids are asleep.

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