Random Thoughts

Random thoughts while in Xiamen at the Fulbright Conference/ Reunion:

(1) Xiamen is a very nice and clean Chinese city that is not overwhelmingly large since Xiamen is an island.

(2) The US is decidedly a multi-cultural society and this doesn’t translate well according to the experience of my fellow Fulbrighters. Examples: A Chinese might think any Chinese-American would speak fluent Chinese. Or that if China and the US were at war that an American with Chinese great-grandparents would fight with China. Or that a non-White American isn’t really American.

(3) No Fulbrighters are having the experience that they expected, for better or worse.

(4) Our decision to come to China for 10 months, rather than 5 months, was the correct decision.

(5) We are really only one of 2 Fulbrighters living in a Chinese community.

(6) Compared to many others, the support and help we’ve received from Zhongshan University has been quite good.

(7) This Conference is making me feel increasingly better about our experience.

(8) I’m better at handling spicy foods than I ever have been.

(9) It’s true…my hair is long, I wear jade on a string, and I don’t tuck in my dress shirts. Andrea failed to mention that I also bought a canoe from China, do as much Yoga as possible, and I’m researching what guitar to buy so I can learn to play. (This remids me that I need to contact my uncle, The Czar of Guitars, so he can tell me what to buy in terms of a cheap guitar to learn on and electronic tuner.)

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1 Response to Random Thoughts

  1. Carl says:


    Photos! We want photos!


    PS I expect you to return with a pony tail! You can do that now that you have tenure.

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