Vermont Yankee

Everyday the Times Argus runs a new story on the furture of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power facility located in Vernon, Vermont, and operated by Entergy. The facility is now quite old as it began operating in 1972, and after 40 years of operation it must be determined whether the plant should run for another 20 years. Today, the Vermont Legislature will likely vote on re-licensing and I suspect the vote will be “No” (if the vote actually takes place). You see, Vermont Yankee recently has been found to be leaking tritium into the groundwater from underground pipes which the operators had previously told state government were not there. Obviously both the continued operation or the discontinued opertaion would have dramatic effects on the environment and economy.

When I arrived in Vermont, I was open-mined about the furture of Vermont Yankee, especially since alternative energy sources have not presented themselves. But now it seems to me, regardless of whether you are for or against nuclear power, that a conclusion can be made that the Vermont Yankee plant is just old and needs to be decommissioned.

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