Ableist Park?

If you thought the ethnic minority-theme parks were odd, what about an entire theme park featuring people with dwarfism? In many ways Kingdom of the Little People resembles the freak shows of the past. Yet the millionaire behind the project sees it as a humanitarian endeavor, providing employment to Chinese with dwarfism – a group, like other different-ability groups in China, that faces exceedingly limited social and economic opportunity.

Here is the article:

copyright: Shiho Fukada for The New York Times

I think when it comes to this and the treatment of ethnic minorities, so much of what I experience as offensive and/or noteworthy can be attributed to different cultural norms around difference,  a different multiculturalism. Lacking in the Chinese system is the underlying belief in the inherent worth of difference that characterizes American multicultural philosophy (if not practice) coupled with the notion of fundamental similarity marking American diversity discourse.

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