The Golden Arches

I just walked over to the copy center to make copies of the first reading assignment of my seminar (I’ll be going paperless for the rest of the semester). On the way a couple of students from the School of Tourism asked me to take a survey about the travel practices and preferences of foreign students and faculty. I obliged. The survey was unremarkable, except for the question regarding what I like to eat when I travel. My choices were: “A. Local food B. Food from my home country C. Chinese fast-food D. International food (e.g. McDonald’s).”


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1 Response to The Golden Arches

  1. David says:


    Narrowing my choices… C. or D. – Naaah, they can substitute anything. B. – takes too long to ship. Probably A., as long as it was cooked.

    I hope you All are well!


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