Vegetarian lament

The worst part is when the chicken screeches in fear as it watches the others being bled out. I assume it is the smell of the blood that prompts them to produce such an unchicken-like sound.

I don’t know why the butchering of live animals and the fish tanks are getting to me so much all of the sudden. Maybe it has taken me this long to be situated enough to really reflect on what is happening. Perhaps it is all the meat I ate when we were house guests.

Recently we’ve increased our egg and tofu consumption and are limiting the kids chicken when we eat out. They just waste too much of the meat since they cannot get it off the bone themselves, and it is very difficult to use chopsticks to de-bone bite-sized chunks of meat. If you are going to be responsible for the suffering and death of another sentient being, the least you can try do is eat every last bite.

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