Chinese Teacher for Montpelier Public Schools

I should have gotten started on this months ago when I first heard about it. Now the deadline for the upcoming AY has passed. However, I am going to start laying the foundation for Montpelier Public Schools to bring in a subsidized Chinese teacher beginning in ’11. Anyone out there want to help? Here’s the link. People in town, on the school board, and with an inkling of how the budget process happens are especially encouraged to join me.

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2 Responses to Chinese Teacher for Montpelier Public Schools

  1. Janna Clar says:

    Awesome. I’ll help in any way I can, though I might be minimally useful for the next few months (baby 2 due in a couple weeks…). Keep me posted for sure; this is something I strongly support for our public schools!

  2. Andrea Voyer says:

    You know you’ve been in China too long when your friend is about to have a baby and you didn’t even know she was pregnant! Best of luck!

    One of the things I expect we’ve got to do is come up with some proposed budgets. If we house the teacher, we can consider that part of the compensation. I also think that might be wise from a retention standpoint, too. So, I will be on the lookout for people with “in-law apartments” etc and would love some suggestions.

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