GZ exposure limit

We have been talking about sticking to Guangzhou for the lionshare of our time left in China. It just seems the best way to save money, get some work done (especially in light of how much I did not accomplish last semester), and give the children the maximum opportunity to work on their Chinese before we leave. I was completely satisfied with this plan until this weekend. I think the fieldtrip got me feeling like I want a break from my GZ life/apartment. The weather isn’t helping either – even when it is warm, it is still so damp. Between the pollution and the fog we rarely see the sun. Dampness also means that we cannot get the laundry done in any reasonable amount of time.

I could keep whining, but the upshot is that I am ready for a few days in a hotel someplace else.

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1 Response to GZ exposure limit

  1. David Cobb, Jr says:

    Dear *Jasaon & Andrea*

    My computer only took a day to repair and ‘get back “up-and-running”‘ <.
    Yeah Andrea, dampness is the pits. Good to hear you may be able to compensate with a vaca… from your vaca… .
    Keep up with “fighting the battle”.


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