Soup for Lunch

One of my Chinese colleagues at the law school is a wonderful person to have lunch with. One reason: the soup. He always orders some soup which is usually quite good, but which contains an odd ingredient. My favorite so far has been scorpion soup. But admittedly, I learned today that I am not a huge fan of pigeon soup.

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  1. David Cobb, Jr says:


    Please forgive me, I was going through the littany of ‘unopened Fulbright e-mails’ from you guys.

    I happened across this one:

    I am a big fan of soup usually at lunch-time, especially this time of year. I think because of the generally cooler weather than at other times of the year. I really think that ‘scorpion soup’ would have been one I’d have chosen. Largely because I am a fan of unusual foods – scorpion in a soup would really have fascinated me! I must say though, even as I have never had ‘pigeon soup’, I think I know my tastes enough to know that pigeon in a soup would have detested me. So I will not even attempt to ease your pain on that one.

    Thank you however for writing about it. And, thank you so very much for these e-mails telling me of another culture. I feel extremely privaleged to have had these thoughts from you and Andrea!

    I expect to be learning more of China from your e-mails as I don’t expect you back until the middle of this summer.

    Yyyyyyeah, I am now caught up with you guys!

    BE SAFE Man!

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