China can do it, can we?

Here’s a link to a NY Times article about China’s status as a major player in the development of green technology:

One thing that I find do amazing about China is the energy that gets put into getting things done. For example, China banned plastic bags and people started carrying around canvas (you still see plastic, but the transition happened much more quickly and smoothly than in the U.S.). The powers-that-be that be decided it needed to be done, they decreed it should be done, and people did it. China recognizes that its development increases its need for electricity, automobiles, etc and so they put energy into developing the technological capabilities to make it happen. Of course, there are glitches and troubles, people who don’t follow the rules. There always are.

I know it is all more complicated than this, but sometimes I feel that the U.S. really only ever came together to make significant progress because of WWII, and the country managed to ride the wave of the social solidarity and technological superiority for a few decades. Sometimes it seems that we have largely devolved into a nation controlled by people who would like to protect their failing fortunes and are too scared or lazy to abandon their outdated technologies and fuels, a nation where the movers and the shakers find it easier to sell a good idea abroad than to make their mark at home (read in the article about the small solar company that couldn’t find a production partner at home in the U.S.), a nation where people would rather put their energy into arguing over how biblically-accurate education is than whether or not it prepares students to be scientists, and globally savvy thinkers.

Sometimes the U.S. feels like a sinking ship and I don’t like it one bit.

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