Air Quality and Production

Depending on who you ask, about 30-50% of all Chinese goods bound for export are manufactured in Guangdong Province. And perhaps up to 70-80% of these good are bound for the United States. Guangdong, thus, has heavy air pollution due to this manufacturing base. Guangzhou, the Province’s capital city and where we live, will host the 2010 Asian Games in November. Why do I tell you all this? Apparently, all the Guangdong factories are anticipating a 2008 Beijing Olympics type shutdown in preparation for the Games in a effort to make the air clear. As a result, manufactures are increasing production NOW, and the air quality in GZ is absolutely terrible.

There are consequences to what we buy. And there are consequences to buying cheap goods, which often fail to reflect environmental harm in their price due to limited environmental protection laws. Buy local goods, buy things that will last for years, and ask yourself if you really need that thing.

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1 Response to Air Quality and Production

  1. David Cobb, Jr says:


    You must come across all kinds of facts like this!
    In order for me to best help the American economy I have decided that, and with few exceptions, to buy EVERYTHING in the U.S. that is made in the U.S. If’in it ain’t made here, I DON’T NEED IT!
    I hope AND pray You and Yours are well!!!


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