On rules

Here in the PRC, I suggest that, when in doubt about what behavior is or is not permissible (by rule, not culturally), it is best to just move on ahead and count on someone to say something if you are completely out of line.

As soon as you inquire about the rules (e.g. “am I required to complete any paperwork in my position as visiting faculty?”), you invoke the rules and the notion that they should be applied to your situation. Given that there is no shortage of rules here, just sporadic and capricious application of them, and, furthermore, that everyone is always running the risk of discovery as a violator of some rule or other at the hands of someone or other who has the power to apply the rules, it is really is best just to keep quiet and do what you want (quietly, that is) until you are instructed otherwise.

Just so you know, I did not ask the aforementioned questioned because I know not to reference the rules.

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2 Responses to On rules

  1. David Cobb, Jr says:


    This is a very dangerous topic not only to discuss, but more importantly, to behave
    under. And, when one is hired to do a job, that person is hired under the expectation that when completed the employer would receive the results he or she wants.

    As an educator, the product is knowlege and principles being taught to other people AND a test given at the end of a predetermined period of time.

    ***** VERY DIFFERENT FROM *****

    As a contractor (<< the one doing the work), the need is to get detailed information on the results… IN WRITING.

    Please "Be Extremely Cautious" on this one sis'.


    • David Cobb, Jr says:

      Dear *Andrea* 3.23.2010;T;11:25am

      I see on my above comment I was up writing it earlier this morning. No matter, what I said it still stands. I see however I didn’t “proofread it” as good as I could have, regarding the ‘soft vs. hard’ returns. I apologize.

      Much of the difference between your perspective and mine is one of how you and I individually acquire our ‘living income’. <- This could be one difference. I don't know.

      So, I think regarding this topic of "On Rules" is one I want to stay away from. But I thank YOU sissy for bringing it up.

      Anyway, I pray you are continuing to enjoy your 'stay away' from us here in the good ole USA. We await your family's return.


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