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A Reason that I’m Proud to be from Milwaukee: Will Allen, Growing Power and the Environment

If you don’t know about Will Allen, Growing Power, and urban farming you should. Declared one the World’s Most Influential People by Time Magazine, Will Allen believes in “The Good Food Revolution” and sustainable food systems, and his program also … Continue reading

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Dance your Ph.D.

I just received the following announcement from my alma mater – how cool is this! “Dance Your PhD” Contest The journal Science is about to launch the 2010 “Dance Your PhD” contest, and scientists at UW-Madison will take a crack … Continue reading

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Young, Popular and Good-looking

A significant cultural difference between China and the U.S. is the way that people here talk about subjects that are taboo or at least sensitive in the U.S. (and vice versa but I will mostly speak in one direction here). … Continue reading

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Mr. President, do you still support off-shore drilling?

Last month President Obama indicated support for expanded offshore drilling in the interest of energy independence. Perhaps the Gulf oil spill will change his mind. The scope of the spill and wildlife it endangers are dramatic. See this graphic.

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On guns

Sometimes it seems like China and the U.S. are worlds apart and sometimes, not so much. Reading of the string of knife-wielding crazies walking into kindergartens and elementary schools in China is terrifying. Here is a link: At the … Continue reading

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Everyone we talk to says that the weather in Guangzhou has been odd – cooler than usual and not as wet (!!). We hear that by June it will be downright hot but right now we tend to hover in … Continue reading

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3 things

My inclination is to start winding things down here in anticipation of our June departure. Yet, things are just starting to pick-up. Jason has had a very busy April. He is always in demand during earth month. Now we are … Continue reading

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We took the train home this afternoon. The cloud cover just got thicker and thicker as we followed the Pearl River inland. By the time we got to Guangzhou it was dark and damp – such a different climate from … Continue reading

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In Hong Kong

We are spending the weekend in Hong Kong – staying at the Salisbury YMCA in Kowloon. We just do the urban thing while we are here – museums, parks, Indian restaurants, walking around and window shopping. We were planning to … Continue reading

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My Earthcast 2010 Keynote Address

Go to:

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