The Guangzhou Hack

It is hard to be in Guangzhou more than 3 weeks without developing that booming cough that Jason and I have dubbed the Guangzhou hack. I think it is especially pronounced given the particularly bad air quality this spring. Right now Jie-jie and I have the hack. Mei-mei, who terrified us in the fall with acute pneumonia and the inability to retain fluids (or anything) for several days, is doing well so far – just a running nose.

But, here’s the thing. Remember how I told you that we are hoping to hunker down here in town for the remainder of our time in the PRC? Well, the thing is… we have never recovered from the Guangzhou hack in Guangzhou. I am just not sure that it can be done. Last semester we always ended up bugging out to someplace with cleaner air, more pleasant weather, and a beach. Granted, usually that was our plan anyway – given that we took about a trip a month (although we would have chosen different destinations if we were feeling healthier).

Jie-jie visited the doctor today. It being a long weekend, we wanted to make sure her lungs sounded OK. Her lungs are clear – just post-nasal drip. The pollution, the pollen, the dust, the mold, the remnants of the cold that she started fighting off a week ago. Still, she is having trouble with night coughing and we are all not sleeping well as a result.

Meanwhile, Mei-mei keeps asking to go to Thailand and to the beach – she even suggested that might be a fun thing to do on her upcoming 3rd birthday.

Will we stick it out here for the duration? Perhaps one last trip south – Malaysia, Vietnam?

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1 Response to The Guangzhou Hack

  1. Meghan Conley says:

    While I was there Marisa mentioned that you’d be welcome visit her in India, perhaps on your way home.

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