Animal feet & tentacles with a little sticky rice alcohol

I am working on a fun post in which I channel Sarah Palin. I also need to update you on the school photo drama (oh, yes!). Unfortunately, the evening got away from me. The family was invited to dinner with some of the law school faculty and their families. Usually Jason has “free talk” with the faculty on Tuesdays and they decided to invite the rest of us this week.

Anyway, we went to a famous Guangdong (Cantonese) food restaurant. The host ordered lots of traditional Guangdong food for which that particular place is known (they hung plaques showing the awards that the dishes had won). In terms of vegetarian dishes, there was her fen (cellophane noodle) but in a new texture as if they had steamed it on lettuce leaves, sweet top pineapple buns, and cucumber spears with wasabi-laced soy sauce. That’s it for meat-less dining. Then there was: 1. chicken feet
2. pigs feet
3. pigs stomach in pepper sauce
4. spicy fish and tofu
5. fried cellophane threads with tentacles
6. beef on the hot plate
7. potatoes, pork and greens in broth
8. fish congee
9. fish and chicken soup
10. spicy stuffed peppers

We had yellow flower tea (I don’t know the English name – the type of flowers you lay at the graves of your ancestors) and sticky rice alcohol (16% by volume). That stuff was SMOOO-OOOOTH. They said that, after a woman has a baby, she is supposed to eat chicken cooked in that alcohol to regain her strength.

Jason’s computer has just crashed and I need to loan him mine so he can get to VLS IT. Mingtian Jian!

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