Complaining of ennui

I am experiencing a bit of Guangzhou/China ennui. The weather alternates between cool and hot, but always damp. There is no place that is dry and comfortable. Today is cool and rainy. In a few days it will warm up, but it will not dry out because the tile will be cold, again, and be covered with condensation, again. The laundry will not dry. We clean (a dry, American-type of cleaning) constantly in hopes of avoiding mold. I am tired of eating out and I am tired of cooking on the stove-top. I am tired of Chinese lessons – I am regressing in terms of comprehension and speaking. I am tired of our coughs (much improved but not gone). I am tired of spending my days sitting in the apartment working on my manuscript and funding proposals.

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1 Response to Complaining of ennui

  1. Lexi says:

    We’re looking forward to having you home 🙂

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